Drivesmart Elite 2 Support

The Drivesmart Elite 2 is the ultimate combined unit packed with 4 features.  Complete with FREE lifetime database updates which can be downloaded here.
To update your unit, you will need to download the PC Database below, and drag the .bin file directly on to your Micro SD card.
You will require an SD card reader / slot as this can not be done directly through the camera unit.

Elite 2 Database Updates


Once the database has been loaded on to your Micro SD card, remove it from your computer, insert your card into your Elite 2 unit and turn on the power.  You should see a loading bar, showing the update taking place.  When this has completed, the screen will go blank to indicate the update is complete.

Elite 2 Viewing Software

This file will be downloaded as a .ZIP file, so unzipping software may be required.

Elite 2 User Manual