Drivesmart Elite 2 Speed Camera Detector & DVR
Your top-of-the-range licence protection is the Drivesmart Elite 2. Not only does this offer 4 products in 1 with Radar Detection, Laser Detection, Fixed Camera Detection and a Dash Camera but it also does it in the most integrated way yet to minimise false alerts and maximise usability and customisation.
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Drivesmart Pro HD Speed Camera Detector / DVR
The DriveSmart Pro HD GPS Speed Camera Detector has been developed by experts in the speed camera detection business having based this unit on the very successful DriveSmart Pro and DriveSmart Alpha detectors. Primarily a Speed Camera Detection Unit, the Drivesmart Pro HD also combines with high definition video recording, giving your licence even more protection!
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Drivesmart 4K HD DVR
Drivesmart 4K HD DVR Dash Camera
The DriveSmart 4K HD is the UK's first Ultra HD 4K in-car dash camera offering the ultimate in high resolution video capture at 2880 x 2160 resolution.
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