Drivesmart Guardian Speed Camera Detector
Utilising all the best bits from the Alpha X, the Drivesmart Guardian also offers a clearer, crisper IPS (in-plane switching) bright, full colour, display and further refined radar false alert filtering. The unique 'Smart Radar' filter still remains, which means the detector can be set to only become active within range of a speed camera location. If this is a radar based speed camera it will then confirm if the camera is active. This is an industry first and removes the false alerts experienced by so many competitors from automatic door sensors and pedestrian crossing etc. This live detection has been paired with arguably the best mobile camera database in the business, which combines to give you an extensive UK database of Mobile Laser / Safety Camera Van locations UK wide as well as all Fixed Speed Cameras including Gatso / Truvelo / HADECS / Monitron / SPECS average speed cameras and Red Light traffic camera locations. UK Legal, the Drivesmart Guardian works straight out of the box and there are no on-going subscriptions for database updates which are provided FREE OF CHARGE.
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Alpha X Speed Camera Detector
Drivesmart Alpha X Speed Camera Detector
The DriveSmart Alpha X GPS Speed Camera Detector is here.  Following on from the hugely successful original Drivesmart Alpha, the Alpha X brings all the same much-loved features, then adds more.  Better display and increased radar filtering makes this one of the best Drivesmart units yet.
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