Drivesmart Alpha Car Power Lead
This power lead is designed specifically for the Drivesmart Alpha. The RJ-45 connection offers a secure fit to power your unit directly from your vehicle's 12V power socket / cigar lighter port. The plug is fitted with a push-power button, allowing the user to turn the unit off an on direct at the power source - no need for unplugging. The lead itself is approximately 3.4m in length, giving the user plenty of cable should your power socket be in an awkward position.
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Official Drivesmart Hardwire Lead
Give your Drivesmart device a constant ignition-switched power supply and free up your cigar lighter socket. This cable does the job properly going direct to the fuse box with a supplied fuse tap and fuse and CE tested for complete piece of mind.
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Drivesmart Pro Windscreen Mount
The Drivesmart Pro Windscreen Mount comes with suckers to adhere to your windscreen and a strong magnetic disc to hold your Drivesmart Pro securely for you to view while you drive. This is the perfect solution for when you are using your unit across different vehicles, allowing easily and temporary installation in the windscreen.
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Official Drivesmart Pro Car Power Lead
Power your Drivesmart Pro Speed Camera Unit directly from your cigar / 12V port.
  • 12v - 24v Input
  • 5V 2A Output
  • Mini USB input
  • CE Tested & Certifed
  • 1.5m retractable cable
  • In-built On / Off switch with LED indicator
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Drivesmart Magnetic Dash Mount Disc
This small magnetic disc adheres to your vehicle's dash to offer a secure fitting for your Drivesmart Pro Speed Camera Detector. Complete with strong 3M sticky pad, this replacement mount is the perfect solution if you move your unit across different vehicles.  Having a dash mount in each vehicle allows quick easy mounting when you switch between them. This product is only suitable for the Drivesmart Pro & Evo Speed Camera Detectors.
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Official Drivesmart Alpha Dash Mount
This mount is specifically designed for mounting the Drivesmart Alpha Speed Camera Detector on to a suitable location on your vehicle's dash board. It comes complete with a high quality 3M sticky pad for a strong secure fix. Although the Drivesmart Alpha comes with a dash mount as standard in the box, a replacement is perfect if you're constantly moving your unit across different vehicles as you can have one in each.
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Drivesmart Pro, Evo & Alpha Update Cable
Update your Drivesmart Speed Camera Unit directly from your PC using this update cable.
  • 1 metre
  • Mini USB input
  • Suitable for the Drivesmart Pro, Evo and Alpha Speed Camera Detectors
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