Official Drivesmart Alpha Dash Mount
***DISCONTINUED**** This mount is specifically designed for mounting the Drivesmart Alpha Speed Camera Detector on to a suitable location on your vehicle's dash board. It comes complete with a high quality 3M sticky pad for a strong secure fix. Although the Drivesmart Alpha comes with a dash mount as standard in the box, a replacement is perfect if you're constantly moving your unit across different vehicles as you can have one in each.
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Drivesmart Pro, Evo & Alpha Update Cable
Update your Drivesmart Speed Camera Unit directly from your PC using this update cable.
  • 1 metre
  • Mini USB input
  • Suitable for the Drivesmart Pro, Evo and Alpha Speed Camera Detectors
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CCTV Stickers for bodycam
Body Camera Video Recording Stickers
Replacement Video Recording Stickers for the Drivesmart Defender Body Camera. Pack includes: 1 x " Audio & Video Recording" Circle Cut-Out Sticker. 1 x Camera Icon Round Sticker.
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