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The Drivesmart Guardian comes with FREE lifetime database updates which can be downloaded here.

Before you can update your unit, you will need to download the PC Update software.

Guardian PC Software


Guardian Database Updates


This will download a .zip file which will require unzipping before use.

Guardian Instruction Manuals

Troubleshooting / FAQs

You have Dark Mode selected as On. This is designed to turn the display off for people who do not want it distracting them when driving or if its too bright at night. Scroll through the menu and turn Dark Mode Off to solve this.
This is usually caused by installing the incorrect update file to your unit.  Ensure you have installed the ALPHA update file and not the PRO or PRO EVO / HD.
We have also had a few reports of faulty power leads causing this problem, contact us for a replacement.
You have Smart Radar turned Off. You need to scroll through the menu options and turn this on. The same radar bands are used for various movement detection systems and are not limited to speed cameras. Fortunately unlike our DriveSmart’s competitors the Alpha has a Smart Radar option. This means that the radar detection is only active at known camera locations to determine if certain camera types are active. This cuts out the false radar alerts mentioned above. Radar is not used as a mobile trap in the UK so this doesn’t reduce your protection.
One of two settings can me causing this. You have the Cruise Overspeed Warning on. This can be set at anything from 20mph-90mph and you will get an alert when ever you go over this to stop your speed drifting above a pre-set limit. To turn this off scroll up though the speeds and after 90 it will go to off. The other reason for this is that you have Continue Alert for Overspeed warning on. This means if you are getting a camera alert and you are above the understood speed limit for that road you will constantly be alerted as you approach the camera location unless you reduce your speed.
You probably have the unit set to KPH.  This can be simply changed in the settings.
This is not a fault but a feature of modern cars which are over calibrated so they cannot be culpable in any speeding offence and to allow for any changes in wheel or tyre sizes. There will be some lag in acceleration or braking but at a constant speed the DriveSmart will be more accurate. There is a setting in the menu to add a few MPH to the shown speed to level this up with your speedo if you want to.
You have probably updated the unit with the wrong file. (Loaded the DriveSmart Alpha update on the Alpha-X for example.) Simply re-update with the correct file and this should solve this.
You can change the clock time to adjust for GMT/BST and Europea time zones. Scroll through the menu and add or remove an hour or more as required.