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I have purchased a new Alpha x last week because i think i might have been zapped by a mobile unit . If i do get a ticket it will mean that i have 6 points. Consequently i am anxious to ensure that all the mobile units in my area are  logged. I have sent details of 4 of them to you since last week using 3 words but as to yet they have not been added to your system. Could you please tell me how often you update your system?

As a matter of interest one of these sites has been in use for at least 10 years and your system gets the camera facing one way but not the other. In the past i owned a road Angel (before you had to pay for updates) and it enabled me to mark this camera as a point of interest. However, the cost of Road Angels and updates is now too expensive.  Also having owned both makes i have to say i have complete confidence in the Alpha x and the menus system is brilliant. Many thanks