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Pro HD Wont Stay On

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A few days ago I plugged in my Pro HD and it turned on and after 3 seconds a yellow block showed on screen and the unit shut down.

I unplugged it and held the on/off switch for 30 secs and restarted and it worked.

Then the next day the same happened but this time it would not stay on.

I have updated the firmware hoping that would solve the problem but it hasn't.

I have used the reset switch, but still no good.

So, the unit comes on plays the sound and after a few seconds, it turns off.

Now the unit starts without the yellow block and just shuts down within a couple of seconds.

Please advise.




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Hi Steve, 
Have you recently purchased a new Micro SD card? (There seems to be some issues with the 64GB 'Ultra' card when updating these units.)
Another thing I would check is that you don't have the unit in 'Dark Mode'?  This would cause the screen to go blank after a few seconds - usually used for night-time driving.