Drivesmart Pro Speed Camera DetectorSpeed Camera Detector

This is our entry-level unit, using GPS combined with our well-maintained database of known camera locations and ‘High-risk’ zones to keep you alerted on the roads across the UK and many European countries.

Drivesmart Evo Speed Camera DetectorDrivesmart Evo Speed Camera Detector

The Evo is our mid-level speed camera detection unit, offering all the benefits of the Pro, but with the extra added feature of Laser Detection.  Like all our units the Evo comes with FREE GPS database downloads and updates.

Drivesmart Alpha Speed Camera DetectorDrivesmart Alpha Speed Camera Detector

This sleek unit is our top-end Speed Camera Detector offering a full comprehensive GPS database combined with both in-built Laser and Radar detectors giving you great all-round protection and coverage.

Drivesmart DAB+ Radio Transmitter

This clever, sleek little device offers full DAB / DAB+ Radio stations via your existing vehicle radio unit using FM transmission. Packed full with features and offering a Bluetooth hands-free calling option.

Drivesmart 4K HD DVR Dash Camera

Drivesmart 4K HD DVR

This your ultimate protection against 'crash for cash' fraudsters, capturing the road ahead in full 4K brilliance, ensuring you don't miss a thing when it comes to needing evidence in the event of a crash or traffic altercation.

Drivesmart Pro HD Detector & DVR

The Drivesmart Pro HD is our first combined DVR unit.  Primarily a substantial speed camera detection unit, the Pro HD also offers high definition dash camera recording, giving your licence even more protection.